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Download Your Tags

First things first, download your tags. Print as many as you need on card stock, only.  Fill out your tags completely!

All items must be tagged.  Be sure to attach tags well. Items without tags cannot be sold.

consignor tagConsignor Number

Your C # or your consignor number will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of registering online.


Desc. or description is where you can describe your item in detail in case it is ever separated from its item. Including the brand name and color are very helpful to MKM.


Please include the size of your item.


Every item must have a minimum price of $3 and should be priced in 50 cent increments only.

Donate and Half Price

At the bottom of our tags, there is a D for donate and an H for half price. The D indicates whether or not you will be picking up your unsold items at the end of the sale Sunday evening. If you would like your items to be donated to a local non-profit, please leave the D blank on the tag. If you would like to pick up your items, mark an X through the D.
If your items are not sold by noon on Sunday, you have the option of marking your items down to half-price. If you would like the item to be discounted at this time, do not mark the H and leave it as is. If the H is marked with an X through it, it will be not be discounted.


Tag Your Items

You’re ready to display your tag on your items, once you have completed display preparation. Clothing should have tags attached to the right side of the article or outfit if you are facing the front of the outfit. See diagram below. Safety pins are easy to use or consider a tagging gun. Shoes should have the tag attached with packing tape to the bottom of the sole. Furniture, toys, and other stand-alone items may have the tag attached in a prominent place with packing tape. Finally, loose items that are placed in ziplock bags should have the tag on the outside of the bag secured with packing tape.


Pricing Tips

All items must have a $3 minimum price with 50 cent increments only.  Grouping multiple items together is a good way to bring the value up to $3, if you feel your item is worth less than $3. Read more…