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How to Shop Early at Munchkin Kidz Mart


Would you like to shop early at LaPlata County’s largest children’s consignment sale? A little bird told us that you might.

The Benefits of Shopping Early

Munchkin Kidz Mart is pretty crazy the first day of our sale on Saturday morning. People want the biggest and best selection. As most of MKM’s items are completely unique, there are generally not two alike. So getting there early is a must. But what if you could beat the crowd? You can!

How to Shop Earlygirl-623384_1920

To shop early at Munchkin Kidz Mart, you may volunteer, consign, or register to shop as an expecting mom. 

Super Volunteers Shop Before Anyone

Friday night before the sale after everything is set up at 8:15 PM, Super Volunteers get first-pick. And why shouldn’t they? They are super! They have volunteered 8 hours of their time to the sale. Register to be a Super Volunteer. 

Volunteers Shop First on Sale Day

Saturday morning at 7 AM, volunteers shop before the sale begins. Volunteers have contributed 4 hours of their time to the sale. Register to be a Volunteer.

newborn-1400757_1920Consignors & Expecting Moms Shop Early

Consignors shop at 8:15 AM as a big thank you from Munchkin Kidz Mart for consigning with us. There is no minimum to the amount of items you consign. If you want to get in 45 minutes before the crowd, register to consign today. The deadline for consignor registration is September 28th.

Expecting moms have a big task before them. Getting everything you need to bring a new life into the world is a huge task and we want to help. If you are expecting a baby, register to shop early as an expecting mom. Show up at 8:15 AM on Saturday morning to shop early.

Doors Open to Everyone

At 9 AM on Saturday, October 1st, our doors will open to everyone. Shop ’til you drop for children’s clothing, toy’s, furniture, books, and more! General admission is $1 on Saturday and free on Sunday.


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