What to Consign


Munchkin Kidz Mart has thousands of items for sale.

Items Sold at MKM

  • Activity Centers. Exersaucers, gyms, play mats, baby jumpers, music tables, v-tech tables, and sleepers
  • Bath. Bathtubs, kids towels, and bath toys
  • Bedding. Crib sets, bumpers, sheets, pillowcases, baby bedding, toddler bedding, blankets, and curtainsfamily
  • Clothing. Onesies, gowns, sleepers, shirts, pants, outfits, shorts, jeans, bathing suits, swim trunks, underwear, socks, shoes, jackets, hoodies, dresses, skirts, capris, tights, belts, and hats
  • Decorations. Pictures, lamps, rugs, and wall hangings
  • Education. Books, puzzles, and games
  • Entertainment. DVDs, gaming systems, computer games, Gameboy, Xbox, Nintendo, rocking horses, and drum sets
  • Equipment. High Chairs, strollers, booster seats, bouncy seats, Boppies, strollers, umbrella-strollers, baby carriers, baby swings, changing pads, crib wedges, infant swings, locking mats, monitors, pack-n-plays, and potty seats
  • Feeding. Breast pumps, feeding items, sippy cups, plates, bottles, bottle warmers, bibs, drying racks, eating utensils, portable high chairs, and high chairs
  • Furniture. Kids lamps, room decor, shelves, small rockers, mom’s rockers, footstools, changing tables, dressers, beds, bed rails, crib mattresses, and gliders
  • Maternity. Clothing, nursing bras, body pillows, and boppies
  • Outdoor Play. Bikes, bike trailers, sports helmets, play equipment, pools, wetsuits, skates, scooters, hiking backpacks, and life jacketsswim
  • Safety. Car Seats, car seat covers, play gates, safety gates, sound machines, and video monitors
  • Toys, toys, and more toys!
  • Travel Systems. Baby carriers, wraps, backpacks, bicycle seats, booster seats, travel beds, and sunshades
  • Misc. Diaper bags, cart covers, potties, wipe warmers, pacifiers, and Moby wraps

Condition & Seasonal Guidelines

There are condition and seasonal guidelines that must be met to qualify as a sale item. Read more.