How it Works

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Munchkin Kidz Mart has two sales a year in spring and fall where you can sell your children’s gently-loved clothing, toys, furniture, books, etc.

Consigning in 9 easy steps.

  1. First, choose one of our two events and register online by the consignor deadline after you review our consignor agreement.
  2. kids in springTell all of your friends and family about the next Munchkin Kidz Mart sale. Like us on Facebook. The more shoppers at the sale, the more money you make and the more money your friends save on their children’s clothing.
  3. Clean out your children’s closets, the garage, or any place you store the items your family is no longer using. What to Consign will give you more ideas of what you can consign and what you may want to donate or throw away.
  4. Prepare your items for sale by sorting, cleaning, tagging, and pricing. Visit Item Preparation for Munchkin Kidz Mart’s standards.
  5. Drop off your items Friday evening before the sale and stock them in their appropriate size or section.
  6. Enjoy shopping at the sale or stay home and relax while your items are sold. Consignors are free to shop earlier than the rest of the public at 8:15 am on Saturday. Consider volunteering at the sale if you would like to shop even earlier. Find more details at Volunteer.
  7. Sunday night, after the sale, pick up your items that may not have sold. Or simply let Munchkin Kidz Mart know that you would like leftover items to be donated to a local non-profit.
  8. Eight days after the sale, we will mail your check. Consignors make 60% of the items they sell.  5% is donated to your favorite non-profit, school, or church.  Another 5% is donated to the buyer’s favorite non-profit.
  9. Save the date for the next Munchkin Kidz Mart sale. Enjoy the feeling you’ll have after raising money for your favorite non-profit and feel a bit smarter than you did before for saving so much money on your children’s clothing.