Consignor FAQs

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How do I sign up to be a consignor? 

Register here.

When will I get my consignor #?

You will receive your consignor number within 24 hours of registering via e-mail.

trendy kidWill my consignor # stay the same for other sales?


When is the consignor registration deadline for this sale?

The Wednesday before the sale. For more info, click here.

How much money will I make on my items?

You will make 60% of the price you sell the item for. 5% will be donated to your favorite non-profit and another 5% will be donated to the buyer’s favorite non-profit.

Do consignors shop early?

Yes. You get to shop at 8:15 Saturday morning. Pick up your pre-sale pass at Drop Off. To shop even earlier, register to volunteer.

If my tags indicate “donation” and I change my mind, what happens? 

Your items will be donated if your tags are marked “donate” and they have already been stocked on the sales floor. Drop off is your last chance to change your mind. To learn how to tag, click here.

Do I need to be at the sale?girl on swing

Not unless you would like to shop or volunteer.

How long will it take to drop off my items?

Allow for at least one hour. It may take a bit more time if many consignors arrive at the same time. Learn more about dropping off.

May I have another person drop-off my items for me?

Yes. Make sure they know that they are required to stock the items on the sales floor.

If I am a consignor and cannot attend the sale, may I give my pre-sale pass away?


boy with bookHow do I price my items?

You choose the price. The minimum price of any item must be $3. Only price in 50 cent increments. See more on pricing.

How many items may I consign?

As many as you would like. The sky is the limit.

What if I cannot attend Pick Up? 

You may have a friend pick up your unsold items for you.

If I donate my items, where do they go?

They are donated to non-profit entities who will distribute them to others who need them.  They are not donated to individuals or anyone who will re-sell them.

When will I get my check?

Checks are mailed eight days after the sale.