Display & Condition

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Clean your clothing, toys, furniture, books, and anything you’re planning to sell. Your items should be spotless for their next owner, double check shoes and outdoor items.

Display Preparationreading

MKM has a huge sales floor with many varying items in size. Some items are displayed on tables, many are hung, and several sit on the floor like strollers and cribs. Therefore, each item has it’s own display prep. If your item isn’t listed below, it may not need display preparation and you can tag it. Just be sure that if your item has multiple parts, they are all attached.


All clothing must be hung on a hanger. The hanger hook should face left if you are looking at the front of your clothing. If your clothing is hung correctly, the hanger will look like a “?”. All clean hangers are accepted. If you would like your hangers back, please mark them so that you can find them after the sale.

Tags should be attached to the right side of the clothing if you are looking at the front. Tagging is easiest with a tagging gun or you can simply use a safety pin-straight pins are not allowed.

Tip: Two-piece outfits are easiest for our buyers to look at if you hang with two hangers that are connected with string, rubber bands, etc. Make sure the items are facing out so both pieces of clothing can be viewed without taking them off the hanger. Multiple articles of clothing that are hung together must be of the same size, gender, and season.Clothes

Shoesbaby boots

Shoes must be fastened together. Consignors often tie the shoelaces together, use zip ties, or place both shoes in a ziplock bag.


All bedding should be put in a ziplock bag or bedding bag.

Car Seats

Please print and fill out our car seat release. Then attach it to your car seat with packaging tape.


Make sure batteries are included so that shoppers may test the toy. If your toy includes separate small parts, place them in a ziplock bag and attach them to the toy with packaging tape.

Games & Puzzles

Make sure that all games and puzzles include all pieces. Tie or tape the game or puzzle shut so that little fingers can’t open it during the sale.


Your DVD will be inspected for scratches so make sure it looks good before you bring it to the sale. Only copyrighted DVDs will be sold.

toy Books

Books can be combined to bring their value up to at least $3. Please package or tie the books shut with yarn or string or place in a ziplock.

Large Toys, Infant Equipment, and Other

These items need no additional prep unless they have smaller items that accompany them. If that is the case, place the smaller items in a ziplock and use packaging tape to attach them to the item.

Loose Articles

Loose articles should be placed in ziplock bags. Examples of loose articles are the following:

  • Accessories like barrettes, bows, hats, etc.
  • Baby shoes
  • Bibs
  • Bottles
  • Cloth diapers
  • Small toys (sealed)
  • Socks


MKM has everything you need for your children and the upcoming season. We give shoppers the very best experience we can by assuring that our sale items are something we would buy. The condition, the season in which they are sold, the safety of the items, and much more are all considerations for MKM. Please read on to make sure that your items meet MKM guidelines.

baby dressPlease look over your items and make sure that they are clean and in great working condition. MKM will inspect all of your items at drop off.  MKM has the right to refuse items that do not meet their standards. Examples of items that will not pass MKM’s inspection are the following:

  • Clothing or bedding with stains, holes, broken zippers, overly worn condition, missing buttons etc.
  • Clothing that is out of season for the sale.
  • Toys, furniture, strollers, etc. that are broken.
  • Items that have been recalled for safety or are expired such as drop-side cribs and car seats that are more than 4 years old.
  • Items that need batteries that are sold without batteries. We want to make sure our shoppers can test the item at the sale so please include the batteries.
  • Items priced under $3. If you feel an item is not worth $3, pair and attach it to another until the value is at least $3.

Acceptable Sizes

We accept all sizes from Preemie to 14.

ocean Seasonal Guidelines

Please make sure your sale items meet the seasonal guidelines for the next sale.

Spring & Summer Sale

We accept all shirts, jeans, shorts, pants (except fleece), bathing suits, and all things summer! We do not accept winter gear such as skis, snow boots, winter coats, beanies, gloves, heavy clothing, and anything that is strictly winter for our spring & summer sale.

Fall & Winter Sale

We accept all t-shirts, jeans, pants, skis, ski boots, winter coats, windbreakers, hoodies, and anything that is strictly winter for our fall & winter sale.  We do not accept bathing suits, summery or lightweight shorts, and sleeveless items for our fall & winter sale. We do accept athletic shorts and athletic sleeveless shirts.

Start Tagging

Now that you have finished with your display preparation, you’re ready to tag.